Saturday, 20 October 2012

It's A Saturday

Geez. Never easy to find a greeting line.

I was reminded by myself to write for the past 10 years or so but inspirations seemed to distant itself every time I picked up the slight urge to tell some grandmother story.

Believe as of now some updates would be good to start.
How Time Flies: When I was 16. Takatsuki Yamabuki, Osaka.
I've been in my first job for a little over 4 months now, trying hard to catch a glimpse of what is going on because time is moving so quickly after I started working. The vivid images of my struggles with job hunt made me shut my thoughts of complaining when paperwork mounts on my desk. Really enjoyed the past 4 months, I've learnt so much. At the same time, I've come to know there are so many things out there to learn. Simple business etiquette, communication with colleagues, emails in the most polite manner, phone calls in the most delightful tone, and the eagerness to capture information by heart. Nothing is easy, however it has been a great experience. A colleague told me, ''It should take you 2 years for your first job; 6 months to observe, 6 months to identify issues and provide measurable goals, 6 months to take action, and the last 6 months to monitor results and make corrective action.'' It was just a brief discussion over breakfast but it is deeply implanted in my head - that I want to be somewhere. Though everything is running pretty smoothly now, my self evaluation indicates that I would need to work harder and smarter. 

Past 2 months I bid a reasonable amount of farewell to my friends, worst still - the closest. Everyone is chasing after their dreams, and that makes me happy even though we are separated by mountains and seas. 

Awkward enough the misses towards university life still lingers. Perhaps it's the flexibility, age similarity, the movies between classes, the karaoke sessions and the adulthood innocence. Things are much simpler back then, all we need to worry about is to pass our exams and justdontscrewup. I was asked by a client if i'm still studying or working, like 'duh?!' but I'm so very proud to answer 'I have just graduated!'. That always give me the chills although it's a million years ago. *jumps* 

Spent half of my day at work today and went home after lunch. I was giving my room and the toilet an intensive scrub today and wondered if I should have applied for Housekeeping attendant because I think I did a damn good job! It's all sparkly and mould free.

Next week come quickly! Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day

It is the 2nd Sunday of May, an international celebration for the greatest love of all. This year we bought our mum a heart-shaped Baskin' n Robbin's Chocolate cake, upgrade much? It was a very awkward Mother's Day. First we celebrated it one day ahead of international schedule; Second we bought her the cake a day after international schedule; Thirdly we almost sang a Happy Birthday song. 

My mum is a petite women in her early 50's, where most people assumed that she is way younger thanks to her youthful complexion. Like all mums she is very strong willed, discipline and loving to her children. I do have my ups and downs with her, but nevertheless I do love her very much. 

Happy Mother's Day to all mummies out there. Thank you very much for the tender loving care for as long we live. 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Hello peeps!

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It’s another month this year, approaching the 6th month soon. A lot of things around me has changed but there’s is one thing that remains which is my job status. The updates on CB after the gruelling two-an-a-half-hour online test told me my percentage of numerical reasoning section has not fulfilled their desired percentage as the position I have applied for required a high level of numerical ability. It was not a good day for me although today I speak of it but it still hurts somehow – to want something so bad and failed. Then again I thought perhaps it is not my forte, not what I am good at or passionate for. Next is to identify my strength and weaknesses to work from then onwards.

Today is Alvin’s first day at work in his new company. If there is anyone I’d look up to, besides the point that he is my boyfriend that’ll be him. It’s never every day I get to meet people who are so clear of their directions and goals in life. It is such an inspiration to work for what he is passionate for, set a goal and charge at it. It is hard not to look at yourself and feel what on earth you are still sitting around with nothing/something that you absolutely have no feelings to. My good friends like Su Fen and Sean has found their foundation of what they want to do in life, I can’t help to feel pressured.

I know what my issue is truthfully; I took my first job very seriously (as though they are the deciding factor of my retirement). There, THAT is the problem. Working on it I am. “Don’t be so choosy” “Work first, and then find something else.” Oh... If only it could be so easy to even land a call for interview these days.

It was Labor Day yesterday; I felt I did not deserve to celebrate it at all. Such a feeling is hard to be sustained when you are the only one around without a job and still working part time like a bum. My parents has not been very pushy, they even offered various suggestions (of some saying I could find a job in my hometown to save on expenses) but I can see the concern they have because I am still unemployed although I already have taken about 5 months off. There are dark times when you feel you are absolutely no s***. This is when self-motivation is at its dire need, what I do is psycho myself into feeling super hype and motivated, envision myself into something great and start from then onwards. Trust me, easier said than done like anything else in the world.

Enough of the emotional post which I feel I have written far too many to count these days. It’s a new month and I will still continue hunting! Feeling blessed as in the midst of all series of unfortunate that happened I still have a great bunch of support and encouragement coming from the closest friends and bosses around me.

May 2012 and Convocation comes hand in hand and I believe everyone is excited for it. A lot of them have flown back to Malaysia or will fly back to attend this once in a lifetime ceremony. I can’t wait to meet up with all of them again! Considering it could be the first and last for everyone, we have suggestions of a gathering the day before and a champagne toasting session on the day itself – all in all it will be epic!

I woke up not long ago, twisted and turned in bed and this is the first thing I did in the morning. Already 10.43am and I shall get on with the rest of the work I have in hand. Toodles.